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"1. The pedestrian has the right to live in a healthy environment and enjoy all public spaces without jeopardizing their physical and mental health. "
"3. For children, the elderly and people with disabilities
the city should be a place to socialize and not a cause of further marginalization. "
(European Charter of the rights of pedestrians)

What is it

The Pedibus is a school bus... but on foot!Just like a bus, it has a driver
 along a route, stops and timetables.
The Pedibus promotes new habits with important educational purposes:
• to learn the main road rules;
• to raise awareness on environmental issues;
• to raise awareness towards the territory;
• to learn the value of a daily walk;
• to enhance autonomy in children;
• to provide a new opportunity to socialize;
• to reduce the number of vehicles driving near the school and to make roads less chaotic and more secure.