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Servizio civile nazionale

The National Civil Service is an opportunity aimed at young people aged 18 to 28 years who want to devote a year of their life in favour of a commitment of solidarity  for the good of
all and therefore as a value of social cohesion.
The voluntary service for young people represents a powerful
 opportunity of education and training, an important occasion
 for personal growth, a chance to practise active citizenship.

Young people who choose to commit to twelve months in the Voluntary Civil Service, choose to add qualifying experiences to their background knowledge that can be spent in the course
of their  future working life, if not become a real opportunity of employment itself, while ensuring a modest remuneration.
Cooperative Alambicchi is part of a larger system called Federsolidariet√†/Confcooperative and it  is one of the locations of implementation of the National Civil Service Confcooperative project
By participating in the National Civil Service project, Alambicchi gives  young volunteers  the chance to work in educational services managed by the Cooperative itself by supporting educators and operators of nurseries, kindergartens, play centres, summer camps, etc..

Link web-site Ufficio Nazionale Servizio Civile

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