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For the management of some services and projects, particularly those aimed at teenagers, the cooperative relies on the collaboration of some educators called “Operatori di strada”
They are higly-qualified social workers who deal with prevention, care and recovery of deprived children, operating in their own disadvantaged environment.

These professionals act independently on the territory, alone or in a team, and make contact with individuals or groups of people living in situations of degradation and marginalization, or belonging to vulnerable groups, with particular attention to young people at risk.
These professionals operate though a non-judgemental approach when counselling and advising patients and clients. They possess highly-developed communication, observation and analytical skills which enable them to forge a trusting relationship with those in their care  and to direct them to facilities or organizations that can help them  enhance the quality of their lives.
Prevention  of situation of discomfort  is crucial in their work, especially of adolescents who live in socially deprived environments. In this case, they try to reintegrate them  into their communities by directing them to volunteer facilities and youth centers that provide more constructive projects of life

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