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The Cooperative Alambicchi was born in 1999 with the intent of pursuing the general interest of the community and promoting human and social integration of citizens through the management of health, social, educational, cultural and training services.
The Cooperative is meant to enhance the social dimension of cooperation and solidarity, by providing help and support to people in need.


CHILDREN (day nurseries, play centres, leisure activities  recreational centres, summer camps, schools,  babysitting)
YOUNG PEOPLE AND TEENAGERS (youth information centre, management of leisure centres
for young people)
TRAINING (PAAS, trainig courses in the field of education)
CULTURE (libraries and museums)


Children, adolescents and young people: acting as reference adult figures in a person-centred rapport based on  active listening, problem sharing and the mutual research  for a  solution
Families with young children, particularly where both parents work or single parents,
who have the need to leave their child in a safe educational environment,  but also the desire to share opinions on  the problems of growth, in a  world that offers fewer and fewer answers to the many doubts and problems of  parents or those who in any position deal with children

Public administrations (municipalities, districts, schools or school boards)  who want to entrust part of their  services, but want a guarantee of quality and  collaboration in the planning of events and projects  and in  the management of  staff training.


The strengths of our methodology of work reside in the following elements:

Our interest in the world of infancy and in the family is based on the conviction that they are the key points to make a change for  the better of society and the lives of its components

Our proposals for children are not meant to provide just  a space for” baby parking", we want to turn every moment of activity into a time for growth, the educational aspect is inseparable from any moment of  involvement with the children we deal with

Our attention to the family and the problems of parenting comes from the observation of the difficulties that many couples (especially young) have in assuming the parental role in a society where they get insufficient  support and inadeguate opportunities for confrontation.

In our centres we want to offer to not only the services of child care but also the occasion for getting to know each other, exchange views and (re-) create a network of social relations that
seems to be lacking in modern society.

We want to offer  teenagers and young people the opportunity to enrich and develop their own personal resources, providing spaces of aggregation and opportunities to socialize while promoting their participation in the life of their local communities.

Through awareness raising and guidance we aim to guide young people in the choice of their future.

Our initiatives  of training are advanced in a framework that takes into account the needs of users and society and for this reason are, as far as possible, made in collaboration with other local authorities (associations, public body, ecc)

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